Warehouse Distribution Management System

Our warehouse management software incorporates everything you need to run a modern warehouse. Let’s take a look in more detail about warehouse management systems (WMS).

What is a Warehouse Management System?

Our WMS is software that supports the operation of a warehouse, including real-time stock control, ordering, invoicing, picking, dispatch and reporting. The WMS can manage multiple warehouses from one centralised location or head office. Purchasing from your suppliers and stock control are both managed from one location for multiple warehouses.

Customers may order from you by phone or ordering can be completed by a remote sales representative visiting clients in a retail store for example – this is completed by the sales rep on a tablet device. The sales rep has access to live stock availability and once ordered is transmitted straight back to the warehouse using a 4G mobile phone signal or wifi.

Features and Benefits of WMS

  • Increase productivity at many levels, including for management and operatives
  • Saves time
  • Real-time stock control and ordering
  • Improved customer service – faster orders and avoid errors
  • Fast ordering – copy and adapt past orders
  • Streamline invoicing and other documentation
  • Detailed reporting to inform key decision-making
  • Reduced paperwork – saving costs and helping the environment
  • Reduce labour costs – for example, the efficiency of the stock inventory functionality results in less time used for periodic inventory counts
  • The software runs on Windows and tablets all connected to the internet via 4G or wifi
  • The software is customisable by Techcube to create the perfect solution for you that meets all of your requirements

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