Our takeaway and fast food restaurant software helps you to streamline your business and manage it more effectively, preventing wastage and increasing profit.


Suitable for all takeaway restaurants, including:

  • Chicken shops
  • Pizza
  • Indian
  • Chinese

We offer all languages except Arabic.


Order Management

When a returning customer calls, the caller ID system identifies the customer and brings up their details on screen, including their address. For new customers the phone number is displayed with a form to enter their details. Text messaging and email is supported to communicate delivery information to the customer or to inform them that their order is ready for collection. Special offers can also be sent.

We add your menu items when we install the software for you and hot keys enable one click orders, for example a chicken meal of 2 pieces of chicken, chips and a drink and these would be automatically accounted for with the inventory management features.

Inventory Management

Stock management is easy with our software and this helps to reduce wastage. All items ordered by the customer, will be accounted for in the inventory, so it is transparent how much stock remains and when to reorder. For example, if you buy 100 chicken legs, then the system will reduce stock reported every time a meal includes a chicken leg. It is really simple but very effective for day to day management.

Delivery Management

A receipt and Google map is printed for the delivery driver. If there are delivery locations close together then one driver is allocated these deliveries. Cash is managed effectively and there is a tally of how much the driver owes the restaurant.


Our takeaway software integrates with hungryhouse and Just Eat and orders from these can be forwarded to a separate printer.



  • Streamline your takeaway restaurant, efficient experience for the diner, and with excellent service customers will order again
  • Accelerate delivery times
  • Saves time
  • We install and configure software for you, it’s ready to use straight away
  • No confusion over orders
  • No confusion over bills, automatic billing
  • Effective management of wet and dry stock
  • Higher profit because of efficiency and elimination of wastage
  • Identify busiest hours and allocate more staff
  • Identify your most popular dishes

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