If you are an independent retailer, our EPOS retail software will help you to manage your business operations, increase profit and streamline your processes. Our software is suitable for all types of retail shops, including convenience stores, small supermarkets, newsagents, off licences, corner shops and chain retail stores.

Our EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) software utilises product bar codes and gives you a complete, advanced point of sale system. Scan the bar code for any product and instantly view details including sale price, sales records, stock levels and profit and loss.

EPOS software for new and existing EPOS systems

Our user friendly, custom EPOS software can be installed on our Techcube EPOS systems, and also on your existing EPOS system not purchased from Techcube, providing it runs on Microsoft Windows.

Retail EPOS software features

Our retail EPOS systems and EPOS software is ideal for independent retailers, and offer an advanced and affordable way to monitor your retail business performance with stock management, order tracking, promotions, loyalty points, payment processing, invoicing features, plus much more.

Grow your business with retail EPOS software

Our EPOS system for retail shops is more than for point of sale and to process sales. It gives a full barcode management system and control of inventory levels and costs. Whatever size retail business you have, the EPOS software provides information and data to grow your business, boost profit margins and increase repeat business.


The EPOS software enables promotions to be easily applied to any products, for example buy one get one free or buy 3 for £5. Promotions can be set up in advance by adding a start and end date. See which products performed best seasonally, e.g. at Christmas, and easily re-run and adjust future promotions based on actual sales records.

Stock management

The software gives powerful inventory management data to keep track of your stock, understand the best and worst selling products, easily manage pricing and ordering. Stock is auto-adjusted with the EPOS software so you know exactly what inventory you have.

Our retail EPOS system has supplier management software linked to products from different suppliers, so you can compare prices when re-ordering.

With enhanced barcode management, you can streamline product pricing and variations, and instantly access stock data, sales history, cost prices and promotions. Easily add and view multiple barcodes when they change, so you have the latest prices.

Purchase orders can be automatically or manually generated so that you can fax these to the supplier or take them with you to the cash and carry.

If you sell online, our EPOS system integrates with your E-commerce online store, so that you have real-time stock and sales data.

Credit Card Terminals and Payment Systems for EPOS

​Techcube uses leading UK card payment systems and has expertise in integrating EPOS systems with payment gateways for fast and secure payments.

Payments are made easier with card payment systems that are secure, fast and offer flexible payment options. Payment gateways integrate with any UK bank. The payment systems accept all major cards and other payment methods including mobile wallets, chip and PIN, contactless payments and QR codes.  Flexible features for faster and accurate refunds and credits. Split payments across cards and cash.

Choose from integrated Verifone terminals or countertop, mobile and portable card terminals. Payment systems can also be integrated with E-commerce if you already sell online or plan to in the future.

Customer loyalty

Increase repeat business and customer loyalty with customer data. The EPOS retail software provides the latest customer data, so you can see how many customers purchase products, values and trends. Reward loyalty points and keep customers coming back.

Custom reports to track business performance

There are a variety of custom reports available, including, fast moving products, slow products, promotions, operational costs and customers. View historical sales data for all products to increase profits. Detailed reports available, with KPI reporting, historical trends, purchases and orders, profit and loss per product and customer behaviour. You can also monitor products and compare performance of product departments, e.g. alcohol and soft drinks.

If you have retail shops in multiple locations, you can view reports by retail store. Monitor by department and employee performance.

Increase security, reduce theft

Our retail software can be integrated with a business CCTV installation, so all bar code scan and sales transactions are captured on CCTV and you can review the footage if required. CCTV can help prevent shoplifting and theft by staff.

Avery scales integration

The software can be integrated with Avery scales, used for weighing meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.

Head Office EPOS software for retail branches

Our Head Office software for multiple branches can be used if you have more than one store branch.

We install the software for you remotely or you can bring your hardware to our store in Ilford, Essex.

Easy installation

We install the EPOS retail software for you remotely or you can bring your hardware to our store in Ilford, Essex. We provide full customer support and maintenance and provide software updates so you have the latest software for your EPOS system.

Remote access and management

Access your EPOS sale system and reports from anywhere remotely, via the desktop or any mobile devices.

Secure data

Our EPOS system for retail shops has secure, cloud storage and full data back up. All data can be quickly restored with no loss.

Full training, support and maintenance

We give full training on our EPOS retail software and offer excellent after-sales support and EPOS maintenance, and can help with any enquiries after it is installed. EPOS maintenance plans cover software and hardware components, including an EPOS software health check and free system software and security updates.

Benefits of Retail Software

  • Full monitoring and management of your retail business operation.
  • Full barcode management, stock management, order tracking, promotions and loyalty software.
  • Can be installed on your existing EPOS system that runs on MS Windows.
  • Latest business updates and figures for your stock counts, prices, promotions and orders.
  • Developed in-house – we do not depend on third parties.
  • Customisable EPOS retail software to suit your specific business needs (additional fee applies).
  • Fully integrated payment system for fast, easy payments, refunds and credits.
  • User-friendly software.
  • Detailed reports giving full, holistic data and information to manage and grow your retail business.
  • Understand customer behaviour, offer loyalty points and improve repeat business.
  • Integrates with E-commerce, giving online store sales and stock data.
  • Suitable for all size businesses – from small business to larger retailer.
  • Designed using the latest .net technology.
  • Full customer support and EPOS maintenance for your EPOS system and software.
  • CCTV integration for added security. Find out more about our CCTV installers

To find out more, discuss options and book a free demo, please call us on 020 3282 0453 or contact us here. We offer free demos, either at our shop in Essex or online.

We provide custom EPOS software for all types of businesses and sectors including:

Custom EPOS software
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Takeaway software
Warehouse management software

EPOS systems

We also provide and install EPOS systems for all types of businesses. All of our EPOS systems can be integrated with our bespoke software. Our  in-depth guide explains all you need to know about EPOS systems and how it can help your business. Read EPOS Systems Explained.


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