Our restaurant software helps you run your restaurant or chain restaurant business smoothly and efficiently and keeps customers returning.



  • Bookings management
  • Table management
  • Inventory management
  • Staff management
  • Customer communication


Bookings Management

Reservations can be made and added to the system when a customer telephones you. If the phone number is recognised with the caller ID system then the customer’s details will be loaded on the screen, which is particularly helpful with takeaway orders.

Table Management

When food is ordered, items can be added directly via a tablet computer or written down and added at the till. The order is then automatically sent to the relevant terminal or printer in the kitchen or bar. Different menu items can be configured to be sent to different printers depending on your needs, for example for different sections in the kitchen, e.g. pasta, Printer 1, pizza, Printer 2. Menu items are added to the system when we set it up for you.

The software ensures food is served in the correct order, and customer requests such as ‘less spicy’ can be added to the order.

There is a floor plan function, that is designed when we configure the software, that mirrors your restaurant layout, helping waiting staff identify tables.

Inventory Management

Stock management is made easier and this helps eliminate wastage. For example, if there are 6 glasses of wine in a bottle and you sell 2 glasses of wine, the system will know you have 4 glasses remaining. If you buy 10Kg bags of rice, the system will know how many portions in 10Kg and you will know when you need to reorder. At the end of each day, any wasted food that is disposed of is input into the system. The automatic stock management is about 90% accurate.

Staff Management

One of the reporting features identifies the busiest and quietest times of day or day of week and staff can be allocated accordingly, saving on staff costs.


Our restaurant software integrates with hungryhouse and Just Eat and these orders can be sent to a separate printer.

With our API, we can supply you with your own ecommerce site (additional fees apply).

Communication with Customers

Text messages and emails can be sent to customers with offers.



  • Smooth running of restaurant, so a pleasant and efficient experience for the diner, and with excellent service customers will return
  • Saves time
  • We set up software for you, so that it’s ready to use straight away
  • No delays of food or confusion over orders
  • No confusion over bills, automatic billing
  • Split billing functionality – if 6 people want to share the bill, it can automatically be split into 6
  • Easier management of wet and dry stock
  • More profitable because of efficiency and elimination of wastage
  • Identify busy hours and allocate more staff
  • Identify most popular dishes
  • Happy hour functionality – add a discount between certain hours

Suitable for all restaurants including:

  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • English
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Turkish

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