Streamline Your Multi-Branch Business with Our Head Office System

If you have multiple branches of retail stores, hospitality businesses or warehouses, then you can streamline operations by using our Head Office software. This enables centralised management of your head office and branches from one location, centralising key administrative and management tasks such as inventory management and product attributes such as price.

The software coupled with a high performance team will help to boost profit for your business. Once your business model is in place and performing, branches can be expanded for further profitability.

Key Benefits

  • Increase control
  • Increase sales
  • Decrease costs
  • Increase profit
  • Reduce errors
  • Software created in-house by Techcube
  • We can customise software for you to meet any requirements

Who is it for?

  • Retail stores
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Warehouses

Why Choose Techcube for Your Head Office Software?

  • Local to London, based in Ilford, Essex
  • On-site field engineers, fix networking issues and trouble shooting
  • UK-based support open Monday to Sunday 6am to 11pm
  • We use experience from our previous installations, so installation is smooth
  • Full instruction manual in English

Visit our showroom in East London for a free demo, so you can experience the capabilities of our Head Office system. Alternatively you can connect to our demo system remotely with your computer.

To find out more and discuss your needs, please call us on 020 3282 0453, fill out the quote form or contact us here.

Benefits and Features

Inventory Management

The software allows setup of different prices for a product at each branch. Head office adds new products and syncs with the branches.

Stock taking in branch is often completed on a weekly basis and this will sync and update with the head office.

Sales in branch are updated to the head office in real time, so the system always reflects true stock levels and real time sales data.

At any time you can review the stock in each branch.


Ordering from your suppliers is done at head office. There are 2 main types of ordering:

1 – Forecast Ordering – the software will analyse the last 2 weeks of sales in a branch and then forecast the next 2 weeks and automatically order from the supplier for all branches.

2 – Minimum Order Level – if the minimum product stock level is reached then the system will send a reorder notice to the head office.

Dry items and long range goods can be sent by your supplier directly to the head office warehouse for storage and distribution to branches as required. Other short lifespan items such as milk and bread can be sent directly to branch by the supplier. The software checks branch stock as well as the warehouse stock so you know total available stock levels.


Promotions are applied at the head office and can be sent to a branch with a predetermined date range. Promotions include seasonal offers, weekly and monthly promotions, buy one get one free type offers, multibuy and price reductions. The branch prints the relevant shelf labels for each product to reflect the offer.

Loyalty Customers

Customer Loyalty cards can be applied for online or by handing a form to a member of branch staff. The form is sent to head office where the data is input to the system, approved and then the card is posted to the customer. Loyalty points are synced with the head office. The system enables analysis of loyalty card data, which can offer useful insights into buying habits.

Avery Scales

For fruit, vegetables, meat and fish for example, network connected Avery Berkel Scales are used. There are 3 types of Avery Scale:

  1. Avery FX120 – connected to EPOS system, e.g. oranges on scale, at checkout. These are pre-programmed with price per KG – barcode scanner and scales are separate.
  2. Avery FX131 – integrated barcode scanner and scales, flat on checkout counter.
  3. Label printing scale – e.g. separate fish counter – print label, attach to product and then label is scanned at checkout.

Head office can send price changes directly to the scales.

User Access Rights

User rights are set up at the head office and these allow access to the head office system. There are 3 levels: Supervisor, Manager and Cashier. User names and passwords are set up and then synced with the branch.

Smart Reporting

Reports are run at the head office level, saving time and offering an overview of performance, whilst being able to investigate fine detail too.

There are reports for all branch data, for example the overall daily sales for branches both collectively and individually.

Key performance indicators are included, such as which department is selling the most, which supplier products are selling the most, which branch is performing best and so on.

Monthly meetings are a breeze with the automated reporting functionality. Bar graphs, pie charts and more are created automatically and this saves time versus using a spreadsheet to create graphs.

Fast moving product reports, discover departments that are performing well. Comparisons can be made for day/ week/ month compared to previous period or year on year.

Often, branch managers are offered a bonus upon reaching sales targets and these useful reports can keep them on track to reach goals.

Other reports include voided items, item details and date and time of void, returns report and a wastage report to keep track of levels of out of date items. There are also VAT analysis reports, which are run at the head office level, enabling a consolidated VAT report for all branches.


Techcube visit your head office to install a server onto which the software is installed. First we ensure that all branches connect correctly to the network and then visit your head office and link all branches. The whole process takes about 2 to 3 weeks.

Maintenance and Support

We have maintenance and support plans, which are mandatory with the head office system, and this ensures the smooth running of your system. Maintenance includes:

  • Upgrading databases
  • Constantly maintaining databases
  • Fixing syncing issues between branches

UK-based support open Monday to Sunday 6am to 11pm.


1 year warranty on hardware. Installation warranty is part of the maintenance contract.

Next Steps

Contact us for advice and a demo, either from our shop in Ilford, Essex or by logging in remotely to the demo system.
Call 020 3282 0453 or please use our contact details here.