Streamline Your Sales and Maximise Profit with Dry Cleaners EPOS

Techcube supply and install dry cleaner EPOS systems (Electronic Point of Sale systems) in the UK and across the world, including France, Kuwait, Iraq, North America, India, and Sri Lanka. We provide complete EPOS packages, including hardware and our own bespoke software, which has been developed in-house with experienced dry cleaning business owners. Since 2007, we have installed many EPOS systems for dry cleaners, enabling them to grow and streamline their laundry operations.

Our EPOS system enables you to keep track of clothing items, issue dry cleaning tickets with a collection date and also to automatically send your customers an email or SMS text when an item is ready for collection, giving you timely revenue, saving time and increasing efficiency. Our dry cleaning EPOS software also accommodates other dry cleaning services such as alterations, fixing zips and tailoring. The EPOS software is designed by us and can be adapted to meet your dry cleaning and laundry business needs.

  • Supply, installation, upgrade and repair of dry cleaning EPOS systems.
  • Customisable dry cleaning software with free updates.
  • Since 2007, we have installed EPOS systems for thousands of dry cleaning businesses.
  • Fully integrated credit card machines and payment systems for fast, easy payments with lower % commission rate. 
  • EPOS maintenance plans with UK-based EPOS support.
  • Visit our East London showroom/ shop, so you can fully experience the capabilities of our EPOS systems and dry cleaning software before you buy. Alternatively, you can connect remotely to our demo system with your computer.
  • Free EPOS installation quote – please call on 020 3282 0453, fill out the quote form or contact us.

Our EPOS systems and custom EPOS software offer many key features that can help you, as a business owner, grow, manage and run your busy dry cleaners and laundry services, so that you can manage your inventory levels, suppliers, customers, payments and promotions faster and simpler. Our EPOS systems have user friendly touchscreens and interfaces and are easy to use. It’s Windows-based and is used by many independent and major dry cleaner and laundry businesses for their daily operations.

The system features POS and store management software for your laundry, sewing, tailoring and alterations business. It can be used on any internet connected device ranging from PCs and Macs to mobile devices. Includes CRM and marketing functions with SMS marketing to transform your laundry business using automated customer text or email follow-ups when garments are ready to collect.

Grow your business

Our EPOS systems and dry cleaning software have a range of sophisticated features to streamline processes and reduce workload, make things faster and easier and increase profits margins. The advantages of an EPOS include increased productivity, better monitoring of stock and improved management of your dry cleaners, laundry and customers. Happier customers leads to more business.

Dry cleaners EPOS features

The EPOS system manages inventory effectively, tracks customer transactions, as well as improving the checkout process, giving improved customer service. View profit and loss and identify profitable dry cleaning services and product lines. Our dry cleaning software is designed by us in-house and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Our EPOS system enables you to streamline processes and increase profits. Use our laundry management software to revolutionise customer accounts, processing, point of sale and employee management.

Dry cleaning inventory management

Total control. Our dry cleaners EPOS gives you complete control over your stock and inventory so that it helps you with correct, automated pricing, tracking items and faster collections of stock.

Real time progress. Sophisticated, built-in functionality that gives you real time stock item progress. More efficient management of dry cleaning and laundry inventory to bring in revenue faster.

Easier inventory data. Create and streamline single products, sales history and data for multiple customers. View dry cleaning sales, promotions, and cost data easily and quickly, saving time.

Barcode and label management. Add and view multiple barcodes when they change under one product, so there is no need for multiple, separate products and barcodes. When you change the barcode, the price is automatically changed in the system.

Print barcodes and track stock. No more writing of paper tickets. You can print and track garment and item barcodes and labels easily. Scan barcodes and labels to track products from when they enter your dry cleaners to when they are ready for collection or delivery. The EPOS system will know exactly where the stock items are in your system.

Add detailed information. A wide range of information can be added, such as how many times a garment is processed, dates, cleaning preferences, garment care and faults and personalised details

Endless product options. Our EPOS can handle multiple, different dry cleaning services and products. Quickly and easily change and update your product prices, including discounted offers and seasonal inventory, such as suits, coats and duvets in winter and lighter clothes products in summer.

Create product variants. Easily create variants of your products. For instance, create two different fabrics or dry cleaning treatments. Our EPOS system will record that one product in the multiple fabrics or treatments, rather than two different items.

Create discounted product items. Easily create additional, discounted offer items for your inventory to save time and reduce errors. For a discount of two of one item giving a 10% discount, create the discounted items as one product as part of the system, and at the push of a button.

More accurate pricing. Pricing is more accurate with our EPOS so that customers know what they are being charged for.

Dry cleaning inventory tracking and ordering. Our EPOS and dry cleaning software provide accurate and comprehensive smart stock management so that clients’ items are tracked from start to finish and every item is cleaned and ready on time.

Manage price changes instantly and easily. Our system will automatically adjust price changes and send tickets and barcodes to your printer. No need to do this manually, you download and print what you need.

Reduce wastage stock. Save time and space. Identify items that are overdue for collection and identify non-collected stock quickly.

Monitor stock levels. Get detailed reports on the actual amount of your inventory to keep on top of inventory, processing and sales. Monitor your products from your suppliers for timely purchase so you never run out.

Faster and accurate stock taking and processing. Speed up your stock taking and reduce errors. The system will make processing your inventory faster and more accurate so you can see cleaning, collection and delivery timescales. Use a digital scanner to automatically track stock rather than manually.

Track costs. Enter all purchase invoices into the EPOS to instantly track costs.

Easier stock transfers. For multiple stores and multi store management, track your stock between branches accurately.

Bulk product imports. Upload all of your dry cleaning items to the system quickly and easily in bulk, saving time and reducing errors.

Supplier ordering. Purchase order functionality sends you an alert each time a dry cleaning stock item is at a level to re-order from suppliers, so you buy from suppliers when you need to.

Enhance customer service

Our EPOS dry cleaning solution helps manage customers, giving you a complete customer service system so that you can retain customers and get customer insights.

Efficient, personal service. Improve customer communications and automatically send your customers an email or SMS text when their item is ready for collection.

Serve and reward your customers faster. Equip your staff members with the tools to upsell and serve customers faster. The customer loyalty feature lets you drive repeat business through rewarding your most loyal and profitable customers.

Give customers information quickly. Using the comprehensive EPOS information, customers can get the right service and products, prices and discounts instantly from staff.

Enhance your customer service. Our EPOS will save your staff time so that they can input and handle sales, dry cleaning and laundry services faster and more easily. All customer details are stored on the system, so you have their entire servicing information for future visits and orders, giving a more personalised service.

Manage large customer accounts efficiently. All of your large and key customer accounts’ information can be stored and recalled quickly with our smart system. Your collection and delivery service can be implemented faster and smoothly with customer data for those accounts, giving highly efficient and personal service to higher paying customer accounts.

Improved planning for your business. Customers’ sales history can be easily accessed so that you can plan and be ready for their future requirements and what your business needs to do.

Access customer details instantly. Call up repeat orders and requests, saving time and giving a more personalised service. Our EPOS tracks customer transactions so you have a complete client history.

Increase customer satisfaction. Reduce wait times and provide customers with accurate and fast payment options via cash, card, cheques, or account. Give a faster and better experience and smooth-running dry-cleaning service.

Manage lost receipts. If a customer loses their dry cleaning ticket, they can be easily and quickly located through their name or phone details. No more wasting time at collections.

Uncollected items. Improve customer service and manage revenue with automated alerts for uncollected items to send collection reminders.

Set up discounts for key accounts, regular customers and staff. It’s easy to set up discounts for larger accounts, loyal and high value customers, just apply discounts instantly.

Customer insights. Create your own customer database and understand their buying behaviour, history, location and contact details. It’s a complete store management system to segment by each branch and link multiple stores.

Secure storage of customer data. Input and maintain customer order and information securely.


Integrated card payment machines. We supply reliable credit card terminals and EPOS payment systems that are fully integrated with all major UK banks and merchants for fast, accurate and secure payments. Find out more about our credit card terminals.

Lower % commission rate. We guarantee a cheaper % commission rate, so you save money immediately.

Full integration with banks and merchants. Our EPOS is integrated online with all UK banks, credit card companies and merchants, and through Verifone. Works seamlessly with your bank and makes payment processes faster and secure.

Easy, fast customer payments. Accept payments easily and quickly. Our EPOS connects directly to credit card machines and mobile PDAs. With the push of a button, the total purchase amount will appear on the payment machine, speeding up the payment process and reducing errors. Save on receipt paper too.

Manage billing faster. Easily create invoices for prompt customer billing, with clear itemised costs.

Process sales faster. Integrated system for contactless payments, with receipt printer and cash drawer.

Multiple payments methods. Our EPOS system allows mobile payments, mobile wallets, chip and PIN, contactless payments and QR codes. Easily split payments across cards and cash.

Refunds, returns and credits. Flexible features for faster and accurate refunds, returns and credits.


Customise promotions. Use your own promotions which are automatically adjusted on your EPOS system. Includes seasonal, multi products, price reduction and BOGOF promotions and offers.

Total control of promotions. Automatically set and use your own promotional price reductions, date ranges, best sellers, plus more. When the promotion has finished, all prices, products and date ranges revert back to original selling prices and dates automatically, no need to do it manually.

Automatic discounting. Your discount prices and offers are automatically in the system, so you can press one button and the discounted/offer price is used. No more errors and no need to work out discounts.

Promotions labels. Set up promotions with automatic receipt and ticket printing, so accurate discounted pricing.

Advertising integration. As well as showing pricing on the customer display, our EPOS systems enable fully integrated digital signage advertising to promote special offers and discounts by using the EPOS 10” screen.

Protect your business from theft

Our EPOS will provide you with real time information on your sales, the total number of invoices generated, offers and discounts. Dramatically limit fraud and theft and detect and understand the source of theft that happens. Monitor and track all transactions, monitor the `No Sale’ tab and track how discounts and refunds are handled. Integrate your EPOS with our retail CCTV systems.

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) facial recognition CCTV systems and cameras capture real-time images of faces which quickly identifies individuals, even in crowded areas, to offer the highest form of security for your dry cleaning business.

Sophisticated reporting features

Our dry cleaning EPOS system provides smart reporting for your future planning and business decisions. Access a built-in sales dashboard and detailed reports for all your orders, customers, stock, pricing, branches and promotions in real time. Analyse your dry cleaning and laundry business performance by getting detailed operations, sales statistics and performance reports via the desktop and mobile app to access anywhere. Back office management dry cleaning software is provided as part of the system.

Analyse all areas of your business. Our EPOS management reports can help you analyse and monitor all areas of your business to determine profits margins and losses, allowing you to make better decisions. Our smart reports are simplified, easier, and faster with sophisticated EPOS laundry software, reducing paperwork while increasing accuracy.

At a glance dashboard reporting with top level information and data. Easily and quickly compare daily, weekly and monthly sales, top selling services and orders down to product, price and timing level.

Monitor performance to increase profits. View historical data for all of your sales, orders and products with KPI reporting, historical trends, purchases and customer behaviour. See what products and prices sell more, seasonal sales, and offer more or less services or discontinue.

Customer, order and sales reports. Full and detailed reporting including best and worst selling dry cleaning and laundry items, product pricing, other costs, peak selling times, sales and customer statistics for multiple locations, and all stock data.

Reduce waste. Detailed and real time reports help you to manage costs and avoid uncollected items, while guaranteeing you have sufficient dry cleaning supplier stock to meet your daily, weekly and monthly sales.

Keep making profit. Closely monitor your inventory figures so that you don’t under-order or run out of supplier stock and can always make profit and sell to your customers.

Customer reports. View and track customer accounts, customer spend, your best customers and customers who could spend more.

Employee and branch reports.  Manage employees. See top and low selling staff and branches, get a view on sales targets.

Track your suppliers’ costs. Get purchasing reports, supplier reports and track how much you spend with your suppliers and with which products.

Wide range of reports. Income and sales reports, management reports, product and item sales reports, periodical sales, selected times and periods, and fast-moving product report, slow moving, route delivery and customer accounting reports.

Quick, informative bar charts. See a range of information in easy-to-read bar chart formats. Daily and weekly sales, transactions, sales per hour, busiest times of day, highest performing sites, plus much more.

Customised reporting tailored to your business. We can build your own customised reports using our flexible dry cleaning software.

Other features

CCTV Integration. Prevent theft and increase security. Our EPOS system can integrate with CCTV, so at any time you can view, record and track all orders, transactions and payments. Find out more about our CCTV installation.

Work agilely. Our EPOS gives you complete, secure connectivity with PDA and mobile devices to remotely manage your dry cleaners and laundry. Working from anywhere, easily take customer orders and payments, do stock takes, change and add prices, edit products, plus more.

Manage multiple branches. Our EPOS Head Office software is for dry cleaning businesses with multiple branches and outlets. All orders, sales, products and stock, including varied pricing and products, can be controlled, managed and monitored for every branch from your head office and from one location, so that you can link multiple stores and manage your entire operation and finances more efficiently.

E-commerce integration. Our EPOS solution integrates with E-commerce, so you have real time sales and stock updates.

Manage your loyalty programme. Grow your businesses with a loyalty scheme. Give and redeem customers points and offers with your own branded cards. Loyalty scheme mobile app available.

Latest system updates. Our system is adaptable and can be easily integrated with the latest innovations in technology. This will ensure that the EPOS for your dry cleaning and laundry business is always up to date and future proofed.

Full, cash register with functionality and features.

Create multiple user accounts, permissions and levels of access. Easy to use. Create your own, secure user access. Add multiple users, access levels and rights. Create a user for each employee and monitor sales.

Customer facing display. Customers can see transactions easily.

Optional manual features. A manual feature is also available where you can still get the full benefits of our dry cleaning EPOS automated system.

Mobile apps and security

Manage your dry cleaners from anywhere. Download and use mobile apps, Apple and Google Pay, to manage your business on the go. View reports, real time voice alerts, such as for voided bills or products, receive push notifications and quickly check CCTV.

Manage your inventory on the go. Manage your laundry services and products through the mobile app with full system access.

Full security and backup. Our EPOS system has secure cloud based software storage and full data back up for all of your information data. In the event of a system of power failure, all of your data can be quickly restored with no loss of data with a cloud based suite.

Call us on 020 3823 6415 or contact us for a free demo. We provide a full customer support service, EPOS training and EPOS maintenance.

Our in-depth guide explains all you need to know about EPOS systems and how it can help your business. Read EPOS Systems Explained.

EPOS maintenance

Complete EPOS systems maintenance plans and support by our expert, technical team.

Transform your dry cleaning and laundry business

Our EPOS and laundry management solution combines hardware plus custom, dry cleaning and laundry business store management software. Ensure the smooth running of your busy dry cleaners and laundry business, with the addition of smart reporting and marketing functionality. From collection and orders to your delivery service, our efficient and quick dry cleaning software can give your business the competitive edge.  Call us on 020 3823 6415 or contact us to find out more about our user friendly EPOS innovative solutions and laundry software with outstanding hardware capability. Our EPOS dry cleaning system and software will transform your laundry business.

We provide EPOS systems for all types of businesses and sectors including:

Retail EPOS systems
Hospitality EPOS systems
Pharmacy EPOS systems
Cash and carry EPOS systems
Head office systems for multiple sites
Warehouse stock management system
Avery Berkel scales EPOS integration

EPOS software

We develop custom EPOS software for dry cleaning and laundry businesses with our own EPOS systems and existing EPOS systems.


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