CCTV for Post Offices

Protect Your Post Office with a Commercial CCTV System

We supply, install and maintain CCTV installation solutions for Post Offices. We consider ourselves expert CCTV installers. We cover central London, Greater London, Essex and Kent.

With a large volume of regular, daily customers, high value stock and monetary payments, Post Office branches require superior quality and effective CCTV systems both in a shop environment and behind the Post Office counter. A CCTV camera and security system will monitor activity of the entire branch and deter potential theft and suspicious activity. Monitor transactions and guard your business from crime.

Protect your business, staff and stock, and maximise your profits with a high quality and cost-effective CCTV system that acts as a deterrent to thieves and vandals.

In the event of theft from your business, you will be able to identify the criminal and record and use stills and video as evidence.

CCTV for Post Offices

We provide a complete range of IP CCTV security cameras, and we are an accredited CCTV installer who can design and install a bespoke CCTV solution for any size Post Office. Techcube is SSAIB accredited which means that CCTV can be monitored by a security monitoring centre and they will contact the Police in the event of an incident.

Our Cloud CCTV systems and CCTV Cloud storage provide 24/7 surveillance and you can access and monitor your system remotely from anywhere using your phone, tablet or PC.

AI CCTV features

We also supply Artificial Intelligence (AI) facial recognition CCTV systems and cameras that capture real-time images of faces which quickly identifies individuals, even in busy areas, to offer the highest form of crime detection and security for your Post Office business.

CTV footage that is recorded can be quickly located and played back using pre-defined AI parameters and details. Improve surveillance and respond to automatic alerts that are sent when a person of interest approaches.

Benefit from AI CCTV features for marketing and counting customer footfall to identify busiest periods to optimise customer service, staffing and promotions. AI CCTV also features deep learning algorithms that identify suspicious behaviour.

Our Post Office CCTV offers you:

  • High quality range of IP, IR and HD CCTV cameras and security systems tailored to your requirements. We can install indoor and outdoor cameras at exits and entrances, on the shop floor, behind service counters, inside safe areas and storage facilities, by cash registers and at other internal and external locations.
  • Advanced, sophisticated CCTV cameras and systems, including night vision, thermal and AI facial recognition CCTV. Voice and light activated security cameras are a powerful deterrent to suspicious activity.
  • Free site survey to discuss the best security options for your Post Office.
  • CCTV installations that deter criminals with 24/7 surveillance at all times of the day and night. ·
  • Cloud CCTV offers secure and advanced CCTV footage and recording, with Cloud storage and 24/7 access. Access and monitor your CCTV system remotely from anywhere using your phone, tablet or PC.
  • Ability to capture criminal activity with clear and sharp images and video recording.
  • Reduce your insurance and bills with the latest technology security cameras and CCTV system.
  • We are SSAIB accredited for CCTV installation and are vetted and meet high SSAIB’s standards.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty on products and a one-year warranty on installation. ·
  • CCTV maintenance plans and support.

Our CCTV systems can be combined with our business intruder alarms and EPOS systems to boost your security and surveillance even further.

Why Choose Techcube to Install CCTV for Your Post Office?

Because of Techcube’s SSAIB installer accreditation, CCTV can be monitored by a monitoring centre who will contact the Police in the event of an incident.

SSAIB accredited – professional installation to SSAIB’s strict standards. We use top quality products and install to SSAIB’s highest standards. Read more about our SSAIB accreditation.

  • Our accreditation allows us to connect your business intruder alarm to Police and other security monitoring centres.
  • Over 2000 installations since 2007.
  • 100’s of satisfied customers.
  • Experienced and skilled installers.
  • High quality and performance CCTV cameras, NDVRs and other equipment from leading CCTV security brands (link to brands page). Add to other pages.
  • Supply, installation, repairs and upgrade of business CCTV systems, UK support and CCTV maintenance plans (link). We can resolve any issue and for Techcube customers, our online and remote support is free.


Contact us for a free CCTV site survey and quote. Call us on 020 3282 0453 .


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