CCTV Installation for Care Homes

Protect Care Home Residents and Staff with a Commercial CCTV System

Our London CCTV installation service supplies, installs and maintains CCTV installation solutions for care homes, residential and dementia homes in London, Essex, Kent and anywhere within the M25.

There have been numerous distressing incidents of abuse, theft and neglect in care homes which has given focus to whether CCTV cameras and systems should be installed in the care home environment. Management in care homes are aware of the need to protect residents at their care facilities and offer a robust solution that will not only protect and give dignity to residents but ensure high quality service and care is given by care home staff. CCTV installation systems are an effective tool to help protect people from the risk of abuse or to investigate concerns or allegations about possible abuse or crime. A number of care homes have already installed CCTV systems.

CCTV gives a number of other benefits including providing reassurance to relatives, deterring and detecting abusive behaviour and highlighting poor quality care. CCTV systems also provide clear evidence for unjustified legal and insurance claims, surveillance of care for residents when short-staffed and improved general security for the care home building, residents and employees. Care homes can gain greater confidence from residents’ relatives and family for their quality of care and be able to view the care being given at all times of the day and night across a range of staff rotas.

CCTV systems can be used for staff training purposes to demonstrate and train best practice skills, protect staff from wrongful accusations and also offer supervision and surveillance out of hours when managers are not on-site.

Cloud CCTV offers secure and advanced CCTV recording, Cloud storage and 24/7 access. Access and monitor your CCTV system remotely from anywhere in the world using your phone, laptop, PC or tablet.​

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) facial recognition CCTV systems and cameras capture real-time images of faces which quickly identifies individuals, even in busy areas, to offer the highest form of security for your care home business.

Because of our SSAIB accreditation, CCTV can be monitored by a monitoring centre who will contact the relevant care home management in the first instance.

CCTV is a low cost way to add security, safety and protection in your care home facility and we can work with you to find the best solution for your needs. Our CCTV systems can also combine with our business alarm systems to offer a higher security specification to protect and safeguard your care home.

Our Care Home CCTV Installation offers you:

  • High quality range of IP, IR and HD CCTV cameras and security systems tailored to your requirements. We can install indoor and outdoor cameras at exits and entrances, in communal areas and at key positions around the home.
  • Advanced, sophisticated CCTV cameras and systems, including AI facial recognition CCTV.
  • Free site survey to discuss the best security options for your care home.
  • CCTV installations that act as a deterrent and capture criminal activity with 24/7 surveillance at all times of the day and night.
  • Cloud CCTV offers secure and advanced CCTV recording, Cloud storage and 24/7 access. Access and monitor your CCTV system remotely from anywhere using your phone, tablet or PC.
  • Ability to capture clear and sharp images and video recording.
  • Reduce your insurance and security bills with the latest technology CCTV system.
  • We are SSAIB accredited for business CCTV installation and are vetted and meet SSAIB’s standards – we use top quality products and install to their standards. Our accreditation allows us to connect your CCTV and alarm system to a monitoring centre. Click here to view our SSAIB membership information.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty on products and a one year warranty on installation.
  • CCTV maintenance plan and support.

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Our CCTV systems can be combined with our business intruder alarms to boost your security and surveillance even further.

Why Choose Techcube to Install CCTV for Care Homes?

  • SSAIB accredited – professional installation to SSAIB’s strict standards – high quality products and best practice installation. Read more about our SSAIB accreditation.
  • Over 2000 installations since 2007.
  • 100’s of satisfied customers.
  • Experienced and skilled installers.
  • High quality CCTV cameras, DVRs and other equipment.
  • Supply, installation, repairs and upgrade of business CCTV systems, UK support and CCTV maintenance plans.
  • Free CCTV site survey and quote. Call us on 020 3282 0453

Currently there is no legal requirement for a CCTV system to be installed in a care home. Covert and overt CCTV surveillance has legitimate uses and benefits, and the decision for using CCTV should be weighed up with people’s rights to privacy. Care home management will need to consider and comply with legislation including the Data Protection Act 1998, the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and the Human Rights Act 1998, as well as consider consent from residents and relatives to be monitored and filmed, authorised access to and storage of CCTV footage and the length of time that CCTV footage is held on file.

For further information read the Care Quality Commission paper on using surveillance (PDF)



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