Protect Your Business with a Commercial CCTV System

CCTV installer for your company in London, Essex, Kent and anywhere within the M25. We install for a wide range of businesses including retail and shops, jewellers, money transfer services, fashion stores, offices, warehouses, cash and carry, restaurants, hotels, bars and pubs, fast food chains, care homes, nurseries, schools, doctor’s surgeries and churches. You may be interested in our retail CCTV security systems page.


Why Choose Techcube to Install CCTV for Your Business?

  • SSAIB accredited – professional installation to SSAIB’s strict standards – high quality products and best practice installation. Read more about our SSAIB accreditation.
  • Over 2000 installations since 2007.
  • 100’s of satisfied customers.
  • Experienced and skilled installers.
  • High quality CCTV cameras, DVRs and other equipment.
  • Supply, installation, repairs and upgrade of business CCTV systems, UK support and maintenance plans.
  • Free CCTV site survey and quote. Call us on 020 3282 0453.

Why Install Commercial CCTV?

As mentioned in our Business CCTV Guide, there are several reasons businesses use CCTV, here are some of the benefits:


  • Protect and secure premises.
  • Protect stock, both internally and externally.
  • Acts as a deterrent to crime.
  • Prevent theft and burglary.
  • Protection and prevent crime against staff and ensure their safety.
  • Prevent crime against the business by staff, e.g. theft.
  • Provides evidence to the police, and court prosecutions have a higher chance of success with camera footage.
  • Monitor the business and aiding in everyday decisions, e.g. ‘this aisle needs stock’.
  • Works well together with business intruder alarms and EPOS systems.
  • You may be eligible for a lower insurance premium.
  • The latest CCTV systems are relatively low cost but high quality.

CCTV Security System Features

The latest surveillance systems are smart and include high resolution IP and HD cameras with high quality lenses. Footage is sharp, making the grainy images of the past a distant memory. Motion detection is standard, which means cameras detect movement and then start recording, saving disk space on the DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Cameras also have night vision capability. DVRs can store one week and more of video and are capable of recording many cameras, depending on the number of channels. Monitoring footage is easy and can be viewed remotely from a PC, tablet or on your mobile phone from anywhere in the world with dedicated apps across the internet. Cameras can also be monitored across your local network.

Commercial CCTV Cost

Techcube’s service is good value for money, but more expensive than sole traders and part-time installers, as we are highly qualified, experienced and approved by SSAIB. We have been in business since 2007 and in that time have installed more than 2000 CCTV systems. You can be assured of the highest quality workmanship and the best components for your budget. Our cost varies depending on your requirements, the equipment installed, the size of the premises and number of access points. Price will also depend on the specification of equipment and how cables are run.

SSAIB Complete Process Overview

These are the steps we take when engaging with a client, from start to finish.

  1. You call us to book a free site survey
  2. We arrange to visit you at your premises for a site survey
  3. Our surveyor visits your premises to complete survey
  4. At survey we take these steps:
  1. Speak to client and find out more about requirements
  2. Surveyor will carry out site survey
  3. Risk assessment – surveyor examines how people can break into your premises and the risks of this property
  4. Surveyor will complete a sketch of the property and works out where to place cameras, camera specifications, where to place Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and where cabling will be run
  5. The survey is complete
  1. After the survey, back at Techcube’s office, the surveyor creates a System Design Proposal, which includes the location for each camera, numbers the cameras, e.g. 1 Entrance, 2 front left etc, includes the specification of the cameras and DVR
  2. Techcube emails the client the System Design Proposal and cost estimate for work, as well as a sales contract and maintenance contract
  3. Then the client gives feedback on the System Design Proposal (SDP) and that it meets their requirements and the SDP is amended as required, then sent back to the client
  4. Once client has agreed to SDP and costs etc then Techcube will send a qualified CCTV installer to carry out the installation
  5. The installer on site will refer to the SDP and original sketch and they will start to place cameras, run cables, position the DVR and establish an internet connection
  6. Once all installed satisfactorily the installer will carry out the CCTV commissioning procedure and handover checklist:
  1. The installer will double check the installation, for example ensure cables are terminated correctly, check power supply connected correctly and ensure warning signs are displayed correctly
  2. The installer will complete a tour of the site with the client, showing each camera location and the location of the Digital Video Recorder
  3. The installer gives basic training and demonstrates how to operate the CCTV system, how to playback footage, how to backup footage and how to copy footage for evidence for example
  4. The installer will also show the client how to handle malfunctions and how to carry out basic troubleshooting
  5. When all of these items are completed and the customer is satisfied then the handover checklist is signed and dated
  6. An instruction manual for the equipment is provided
  7. A system log book is provided so every time an installer visits, it is filled in, so a record of who had access is kept – this is for security purposes. The police would fill in the log book if they visited or used the system
  8. Then an SSAIB insurance approved completion certificate is provided, to confirm that the installation was completed by an SSAIB approved company, and the client can provide this to their insurance company.

For advice and your free quote and site survey, please call us on 020 3282 0453.

For more information, please read our main CCTV installer page, where we discuss CCTV in more detail.

We install for a wide range of businesses including CCTV for nurseriescare homes and petrol stations.