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Techcube supply and install CCTV systems for commercial and residential customers in London, Greater London, Essex and the M25 area. Since 2007, we have installed over 2000 CCTV systems for the home as well as businesses including retailers, newsagents, bars and restaurants. We also offer our services to other organisations, for example, CCTV for churches and CCTV for nurseries. As a London CCTV installer we consider ourselves experts in the field. A CCTV installation helps to protect you and your staff or family, protect your property and stock, and maximise your profit by minimising losses resulting from theft. The latest monitoring systems enable you to monitor cameras on your desktop PC, tablet or mobile phone.

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Why Choose Techcube as Your CCTV Installer?

  • In business since 2007 with many years experience
  • Over 2000 CCTV installations since 2007
  • 100’s of satisfied customers
  • Highly skilled and qualified
  • SSAIB registered and accredited for CCTV and intruder alarms – we’ve been vetted and have met the stringent SSAIB standards. This means use of high quality products, technical competence and professional installation to SSAIB standards. Also, we have appropriate procedures and management systems in place. View our SSAIB installer credentials.
  • We are truly a one stop shop for effective protection of your business or home. Techcube supply, install, repair and upgrade systems and offer CCTV maintenance packages for your peace of mind.

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Techcube offer a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on products and a 1 year warranty on installation. If installation fails within the first year then we will arrange for an engineer to visit and resolve the issue for free. If a product fails within warranty then the engineer will identify the problem at your property and try to repair it. If they cannot repair the hardware they will replace it there and then.

CCTV Maintenance, Servicing & Support

Annual Maintenance Service

After the first year, if you have signed up for one of our CCTV maintenance plans then we will send one of our engineers once per year for annual maintenance. We will call you every year to book an appointment for an experienced engineer to visit. Maintenance includes:

  • Adjusting cameras
  • Recalibrating cameras
  • Cleaning cameras
  • Checking DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
  • Cleaning inside DVR
  • Defragmenting hard drive and formatting if required
  • Cleaning fan
  • Ensuring the camera housing is weather proof
  • Trimming any bushes or branches for example that are covering cameras

CCTV Service Contract

If you have a service contract, we offer 3 more site visits during the year, on top of the annual maintenance. Every 6 months we will carry out maintenance as outlined above and replace or repair items. The key benefit to the service contract is the extended 3 year parts warranty. Clients value this service as it offers peace of mind.


We are here to help you whenever you need it. For support contact details and opening times, please visit our CCTV support page.

CCTV Cameras

We supply and install two types of camera:

HD Cameras

Analogue HD cameras use existing coaxial cable and are 2.2 megapixels maximum.

IP Cameras

Digital HD cameras connected through a data cable. Typically 4 megapixels. IP CCTV cameras are better then analogue HD. Cameras can be set to trigger with motion sensors which will detect movement or constant recording can be selected. All cameras have night vision.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

Hard drives within the DVR are available with capacities between 500GB to 16 Terabyte. 500GB – 1 week of footage with motion sensor recording with 4 HD analogue cameras (720p resolution). 1000GB (1 Terabyte) – 1 week of footage with motion sensor recording with 4 HD IP digital cameras (4 megapixel resolution).

Apps to View Footage

Footage can be viewed on your mobile phone (smartphone), tablet or desktop computer all for free with easy to use advanced software. There is an app that comes with the DVR. Footage can be viewed from your device anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection. Footage will be viewed across a secure network connection to ensure your privacy. CCTV apps work in iOS (Apple), Android and Windows OS. We use a few different types of DVR and they all have different apps such as, Alien, iDMSS and XMEye.

CCTV Installation Cost

Cost depends on the service and quality you require. Techcube may be more expensive than ‘one man band’ sole traders and part-time installers, but we offer much more and are highly qualified to SSAIB standards. Cost of equipment and for our installation service varies and this is dependent on size of the property and the number of entry points (access points). Cost also depends on the specification of cameras, Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and other equipment and how cables are run.

Our Process

Estimate and Site Survey

For home installations, we can usually send you an estimate based on remote observation of the property via Google Streetview and information provided by the customer, for example, number of rooms, access points and so on. For larger installations, we visit the property to survey and then send an estimate. The estimate contains product specification information and price. Specification is important so that you know what products will be installed. Installers who do not state specification may end up installing lower quality products.

Design Proposal (Specification)

Before the day of the installation, we will create a design proposal (specification) that details where cameras are to be located on the property, and the specification for cameras and the DVR and their settings.

Booking Your Installation

When you have approved the estimate, we will call you to book the work into our diary at a time that suits you. This is usually within a week, although emergency installation can be completed within a day if you’ve recently been burgled for example. Installations can be completed 7 days a week, which is convenient if you work during the week.

Installation Day

Ideally the property decision-maker will be on site to ensure complete satisfaction. We work out how to connect to the internet and where to place the Digital Video Recorder and how to run cables. All the work is completed to SSAIB standards, for example, all cables are labeled and kept tidy.

Privacy and Data Protection

The UK Government, including the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, created guides for residential and commercial CCTV use, including information about privacy issues and how to use CCTV responsibly and within the law:

UK Government: Guidance on the use of domestic CCTV 

UK Government: CCTV installation at your commercial property

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) about data protection and CCTV

Is London Safe?

Met Police statistics indicate that crime levels for the crimes detailed below have risen recently. From the 12 month financial year 2018 to 2019, there were 60,082 residential burglary offences in London, that’s an average of just under 165 per day, rising 3.53% on the previous year. Violence against the person offences for the 2018 to 2019 financial year were 215,700, an average of 591 per day, an increase of 6.84% on the previous year. 1 As mentioned in our article, the benefits of CCTV, cameras are a deterrent to criminals and they help to prevent crime.

For a free site survey and quote, please call one of our security specialists for advice and to discuss your requirements on 020 3282 0453 or use the free quote form. For further information please see business CCTV installation and home CCTV installation.

1 Accessed 11/07/2019


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