Qvis is a key brand of Adata CCTV. Qvis distribute CCTV products in the UK and Europe and their products are designed in the UK and manufactured in China. Qvis supply a wide range of CCTV products for both consumer and commercial use, for a range of budgets to suit your surveillance requirements. Qvis are highly regarded as they supply high quality products, that are thoroughly quality tested.

Techcube Limited is a key authorised distributor of Qvis products in the UK. As such, we supply at competitive prices. We offer their complete range, including CCTV cameras, such as IP, PTZ and HD analogue, as well as monitors, multi-channel DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) and NVRs (Network Video Recorders), power supplies and accessories.

Qvis is SSAIB accredited, as are Techcube, and this demonstrates that we are certified with a mark of excellence and complete installation to SSAIB’s high quality standards. Our SSAIB accreditation means that we can offer CCTV monitoring via Qvis, who can alert police in case of an incident. Qvis are the UK’s most accredited CCTV monitoring station, demonstrating the highest attention to detail and verified each year by the most important UK security regulatory bodies.

We offer technical support for Qvis products and can resolve any issue. If you are a Techcube customer, our online and remote support is free.

Techcube offer CCTV system installation of Qvis products. Find out more about CCTV installation.

To find out more about Qvis products, please call us on 020 3282 0453.