The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a CCTV Installer

CCTV installation, there’s a lot to it and not all CCTV installers are created equal! Our guide to choosing a CCTV installer helps demystify the  process, what to  look out for and some tips, so that you end up with a system that meets the goals you set out to achieve. Whether you are protecting your home and family or business and staff, it’s important to choose a professional installer that provides high quality equipment.


 Assess Your Security Needs

Look for a CCTV installer that first assesses your security needs, based on your property and situation. They should also explain the differences between different types of CCTV systems and cameras, for example, HD and standard analogue.


Accreditation / Certification

Look for  a qualified installer, for example Techcube has SSAIB accreditation, which means we use high quality products and install to professional SSAIB standards. SSAIB accreditation includes an annual inspection of each installer’s identity, staff are vetted and screened, the safety of customer information, the quality of site surveys and installation plans and the quality of installations for both commercial and residential CCTV installations. Read more about our SSAIB accreditation.

Good Communication

Look for a CCTV installation company that communicates effectively and in a timely manner. Do they answer the phone and respond to emails quickly? Is the quote or estimate sent out within a reasonable time frame?

Physical Office or Shop

Look for an installer with a physical office or shop that you can visit to meet the team, test products and so that you know where they are located for your peace of mind. Some CCTV installers are ‘one man bands’ and do not operate as a limited company, unlike Techcube Limited who have a store in Ilford, Essex.

Reviews and What do Others Think?

Ensure you check what other people think about the CCTV installation company. Please see our CCTV installation reviews.

If you would like to speak to one of our previous customers for a reference then please let us know.

CCTV Costs

Price varies depending on equipment, size of premises on how cables are run. Compared to ‘one man band’ and part-timers, we may be more expensive, but we add so much more value and you can be assured of a professional CCTV installation to SSAIB standards.


Site Survey and Estimates

For major CCTV installations we carry out a site survey to assess the customer’s needs. For smaller jobs like a home CCTV installation for a small house, we usually use Google Streetview to assess the front of the property, whilst obtaining other details from the customer, e.g. the number of rooms, any extensions, entry points and so on and then we work out a solution.

We then send an estimate, with price and product specification, which is important, so you know which products will be installed, e.g. HD cameras or standard cameras, and the capacity of digital video recorders. Some installers do not specify products and install lower quality equipment.

Design Specification/ Proposal

A good installer like Techcube, will create a design and product specification prior to carrying out your CCTV installation. This includes information such as which camera goes where, the specification of each camera, e.g. megapixels, lens size, night and day details, how many cameras attach to the DVR (Digital Video Recorder), hard drive capacity in days, and recording quality, e.g. 15 frames per second or 1080p and so on.

Flexibility of Booking Installation

Once the estimate is approved by the customer, we then book the installation in our diary. Installation is usually completed within a week or if for example your property has been recently burgled then we can book as an urgent emergency installation and complete within 1 day.

Techcube understands that customers may be busy during the week, so we can install a CCTV system for you on Saturday or Sunday.

The Day of the Installation

It helps if the decision-maker is on site to ensure your CCTV system is installed to your complete satisfaction. On the day of your installation we will work out how to connect to the network, where to position the Digital Video  Recorder, how to run cables and how to protect your recorder.

Our protocol to install products is to follow SSAIB standards and  best practice. For example, ensure cables are run tidily, ensure clipped in properly, no hanging cables and labelled correctly.


Ensure you choose an installer with a product warranty. We offer a 1 year manufacturer warranty on all hardware.

After-Sales and Technical Support

Ensure your CCTV installer offers after-sales and technical support. Our support is free for 1 year for CCTV installations. Our support is open 6am – 11pm weekdays and  6am – 5pm at weekends. All you need do is call us.  CCTV Support.

Maintenance Plans

We offer maintenance plans so that your CCTV equipment can be checked and serviced on an annual basis. Please read  about our maintenance plans.


For your peace of mind, ensure your supplier is insured. Techcube holds public liability insurance.

Find Out More

Find out more about CCTV installation. As well as installing CCTV systems, Techcube also supply equipment, including CCTV cameras, DVRs (Digital Video Recorders), NVRs (Network Video Recorders), and also tools to carry out CCTV installation. Please contact us here.

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