Why to Choose Cloud Storage for CCTV

Techcube provides an advance IT solution to CCTV security systems over and above what other CCTV companies are providing.  With Techcube, customers receive a CCTV and security survey and a solution that uses advanced IT solutions and expertise.

More than 9 in 10 businesses are already using cloud for CCTV technology, including email, phone, backup, storage, applications and increasingly video surveillance. Cloud technology offers businesses a powerful way to help improve their security and CCTV operations.

What is Cloud CCTV?

CCTV in the cloud can be used for both business and home CCTV and is the facility that CCTV systems can use to record, store and retrieve video footage and video data. The standard form of recording, storing and retrieving video footage is by using hardware equipment on-site such as digital video recorders (DVRs) and network video recorders (NVRs). With Cloud CCTV, however, the video footage is stored off-site on a secure third party server.

Cloud CCTV technology is becoming popular because it offers advanced security and a complete fool-proof way of recording and storing video footage.

Techcube recommends a Cloud solution as well as using local, on-site DVRS and NVRS so there is always a back up on the Cloud in case something goes wrong with the local hardware.

What are the benefits of Cloud CCTV?

There are many benefits to using a CCTV on Cloud solution.

Easy, simple and accessible – It provides a seamless fit for IP cameras on a CCTV system. Recorded CCTV footage is available and accessed anywhere at any time via a PC, mobile or tablet. Using Cloud can simplify the process of retrieving video information.

Advanced technology that is affordable – CCTV cloud storage from Cloud providers uses state-of-the art encryption, high capacity and efficient back-up capabilities that is affordable to businesses.

Cost effective – Unlike local DVR/NVR storage, CCTV footage can be stored centrally from multiple sites which ultimately will save costs. So of instance, a retailer with multiple branches can view all of their shops from one location on the Cloud.

Fully backed-up video – Because hardware such as digital video recorders on-site are used in conjunction with the Cloud software,  Cloud storage gives a completely backed-up and secure solution as well as providing access to view and play back video footage at any time and place.

Secure, reliable and robust

Using a Cloud solution is more secure, robust and reliable. Digital video recorders can get stolen or damaged deliberately by thieves determined to not be filmed and caught. Because the video footage is recorded and transmitted directly to the Cloud, this method is far more secure in transmitting video footage where it is stored safely and securely using software.

Video recorded using hardware can also crash or get corrupted, which means that you lose all of your video footage.  With Cloud storage the data is recorded and held off-site so you are guaranteed secure CCTV footage.

Regular back-up

Cloud CCTV storage ensures that your recorded video footage is backed up regularly on the servers, so that it cannot be lost, damaged or destroyed.

Cost effective

Using a Cloud platform is ultimately more cost effective as it can allow you to easily scale it up if you need more capacity and you won’t need to invest in more hardware recorders or additional servers. If you are a business and want to expand with additional sites catered for with your CCTV system, a Cloud platform gives you the option to do so as it lowers both capital costs and the technology costs for the system long term.

There are no up-front costs with a Cloud CCTV solution and payment is flexible with monthly packages.

Data legislation

With data and GDPR legislation, Cloud enables users to stay compliant with data laws and regulations as Cloud technology and the suppliers of the service are compliant within legislation and data privacy laws.

National or global

If you have sites, branches or offices that are national and global, CCTV in the Cloud can be recorded, stored and accessed nationally and globally.

Easy to scale up and down

Cloud capacity can be scaled up and down according to your business needs. If you require more storage for your CCTV video, it is very easy to add to grow with your business. Similarly if you are reducing or consolidating your business sites and CCTV, we can reduce the amount of Cloud capacity needed. Cloud is easy to scale up to multiple sites without any additional upfront cost. Once you are set up with a CCTV cloud storage option you can easily grow and increase to many sites. It operates on the same platform across multiple platforms.

How is the video footage recorded?

The IP camera will record and send the video data to the Cloud storage via an API through the internet.  A DVR/NVR will also record the CCTV footage locally so there is more than one recording, one on-site with the hardware and one off-site with the Cloud. This gives a 100% guarantee of your CCTV video data and it is possible to record video footage twice to prevent problems such as unexpected recording loss or stolen recorder hardware. 

What if there is a power cut or the broadband fails?

No problem. Techcube supplies an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with all hardware so that in the event of power or internet failure, the DVR/NVR will still be able to record and store footage locally and upload the footage to the Cloud when the power/broadband is restored.

How does the Cloud CCTV work?

CCTV with cloud storage uses the internet to keep all of your recorded video footage in one place and off-site, so that it’s safe, secure and easy to find. The date and time will be automatically logged and you will be able to access the cloud server in order to view, fast forward, rewind, delete or download the video content your IP camera has recorded. As long as you have a network and a device (phone, laptop or tablet) you can login to your account and access the cloud.

You can arrange your access how you want it. The CCTV footage can be recorded, stored and accessed separately and grouped on the Cloud by site and in any range of formats and sites that you want to record, view and store.

How do I access and view footage on the Cloud?

Access and monitoring is secure, really flexible and can be set up according to what works for you.

You can access live video footage at any time as well as pause and play it back. You simply log in to your secure interface that is secured by passwords via your PC desktop, mobile or tablet from anywhere 24/7.

We set up access and monitoring to suit your requirements. If you have more than one site that is using CCTV, you can set up access how you like. So for instance, you can view CCTV footage per site, or with a combination of sites as well as all of your sites.

You can set up access and monitoring of CCTV footage by specific camera and area, eg Camera 1 covering cashier tills, Camera 3 covering the stock room and Camera 5 covering the entrance.

Access to the Cloud footage is completely controlled by you.  Whether you want to be the only one with access, or have managers with varied levels of access, we can set up whatever access control you require.

If you are concerned that other users who have access may erroneously delete or overwrite video data, CCTV Cloud storage has features that we can set up to help you protect your data and prevent this from happening.

How does the IP camera and CCTV system work with the Cloud? 

The IP cameras connect to a local, on-site Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder that records video footage locally. Users can monitor footage locally on any device. With a cloud solution, the IP DVR connects to the internet via a router/switch that through an API connects with the Cloud server. It will send the live video data to the Cloud to record and store and can be accessed remotely. The video footage is therefore recorded in two places – on-site locally and off-site on the Cloud server.

Is there a limit to the amount of Cloud CCTV video recording and storage?

There really is no limit on the amount of video that can be recorded and storage capacity is limitless. Depending on what your business needs are you can have as much Cloud storage on the server as you want.  For instance, if you are a business with one site for surveillance, you will need less capacity than a larger organisation with multiple sites and offices.

You can keep the CCTV video footage forever or for as long as you require it, there is no limit to how long you can retain the footage when you are paying for the storage. Remember that you will need to disclose the length of time that you retain footage in your privacy and data collection policies.

How much does Cloud CCTV cost?

Cloud CCTV storage is flexible and cost-effective. There is no up-front cost and depending on the capacity that you need, you can pay for the Cloud and access monthly with flexible pricing. For an additional fee that isn’t expensive and the many benefits it brings, a Cloud solution is really worth considering.

Who would use Cloud CCTV?

Using Cloud would be crucial for retailers and organisations where CCTV footage is vital, for instance, banks,  Post Offices, jewellers, hotels, public areas, Government and public sector, care homes and school.  It would also suit any type of organisation as this solution can help all businesses and organisations with an advanced, secure CCTV system.

Cloud can also be used for and focused on high risk areas in premises when dealing with valuable products, money and operations such as counters, cashier areas, stock room facilities, vaults and safes. So two cameras could be surveilling these higher risk areas with the Cloud CCTV recording and storage connected to these cameras only.

Find out more

Cloud CCTV technology is increasingly being considered and used as part of video and security surveillance by all types of businesses.  There are so many benefits with using Cloud as part of a secure and foolproof CCTV system.  It’s flexible to scale with businesses, the capacity and bandwidth is unlimited, it’s cost effective with monthly packages that will suit business budgets and it’s robust to give peace of mind when it comes to capturing and storing video data.

Techcube provides Cloud for CCTV systems and can carry out a free audit for your company or home and advise on the ideal solution and set-up that is tailored to your requirements. We use high quality specification CCTV cameras, recorders and equipment and install to SSAIB standards.

You can find out more about our SSAIB accreditation here.

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