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“Strength, unity, resistance and defiance against criminals”

The latest crime figures for London from the Metropolitan Police state that the number of crimes has risen in the capital. There were 745,710 crimes (12 months to June 16) compared to 721,131 (12 months to June 15), an increase of 3.4%. There were 43,979 residential burglaries (12 months to June 16), that’s an average of 120 burglaries per day in London. Violent crimes against a person totalled 230,932, a rise of 11.7% on the year before.1 Isn’t it time to join the CCTV Revolutionand help prevent these crimes?

CCTV has evolved; long gone are the days of grainy, low quality footage. We’re in the era of HD and IP camera systems. What does it all mean? Read on…

The latest CCTV systems are sophisticated, low cost, easy to use and reliable. HD (High Definition) quality systems deliver sharp and clear footage and IP camera systems enable connection to the internet. Also, the digital video recorders that store your footage can be viewed from the internet. While you’re on your holiday in a far flung part of the world, if you have an internet connection, you can view real time footage from your home or commercial CCTV cameras. This can all be done from a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The most compelling reason to join the revolution and use a CCTV installation service is peace of mind. Peace knowing that your family and property are secure and safe, freedom to leave your property unattended, knowing it’s being electronically monitored. CCTV is a strong deterrent to criminals and this helps to prevent crime occurring in the first place; criminals like the easy option, so would prefer a property without CCTV. If a crime does take place, there is a greater chance of successful prosecution with clear CCTV footage. Police are now using facial recognition technology that can use CCTV images to match with their databases, even when the face is partially obscured. The software can find the “real identity of a pictured suspect in seconds in 45 per cent of cases”.2 Also, financially, you may enjoy a lower insurance premium when you are protected with CCTV.

With all these benefits, isn’t it time to join the CCTV Revolution? If you’d like to, please contact us here.

1 – Accessed 10th August 2016


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