Protect Your Business with a Burglar Alarm System Installation

Business alarm systems are crucial to secure your premises and protect assets. Another important aspect of business security is to consider CCTV installation.

Techcube supply and install business security systems in London, Essex and Kent. We provide both wireless and wired burglar alarms and have expertly installed many systems to SSAIB standards since 2007. SSAIB stands for Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board. They are a leading certification body in the UK for businesses like Techcube, who provide security alarm solutions as well as CCTV systems. Certification with SSAIB demonstrates use of high quality components, completing best practice installation and installers who are trained and security checked. 

We specialise in monitored and non-monitored alarms that when activated automatically call your phone number directly. Because we are SSAIB accredited, all of our systems can be connected to an alarm receiving centre that monitors and instantly alerts you, the keyholder, and the Police should the alarm be activated. We provide intruder alarm maintenance plans to keep your business and home protected and within insurance and legal conditions.  

We install for a wide range of businesses and retailers including schools, bars, hotels, restaurants, newsagents and off-licences.
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There are many advantages and benefits to installing an intruder alarm at your business premises:

  • Peace of mind that you are protected with a security alarm
  • An effective deterrent to potential thieves
  • Immediate alert that a burglary is taking place
  • Instant alert to a 24 hour monitoring centre
  • Remote access and monitoring via any device
  • Cheaper and discounted insurance premiums

An alarm system combined with CCTV offers a powerful business security system as you can review CCTV footage quickly when your alarm is activated. We can upgrade and install CCTV with any business alarm. Read our guide to choosing burglar alarms for homes and business.

Why choose us

  • SSAIB accreditation allows us to connect your system to police and other monitoring centres. See our SSAIB membership information.
  • Since 2007, we have been installing, upgrading and repairing intruder alarm systems for businesses to the highest quality
  • We provide UK-based burglar alarm maintenance plans and support to keep your business protected 7 days a week
  • We offer a free demo at our Essex showroom and a free site survey at your premises to evaluate your current security
  • We install intruder systems in London, Greater London, Essex, Kent and the M25 area.

Alarm Monitoring

When the alarm goes off, a signalling path alerts the monitoring station, who in turn alert you and the Police. There are several different systems available. There are systems that send the signal via a telephone line only, for example Digicom, whilst Duelcom systems will send the signal via the telephone line and also via a sim card in a GSM (Global System for Mobiles) device. BT Red Care GSM is another service that sends the signal to the monitoring station via telephone line and GSM. Most systems utilise a telephone line and GSM. Your insurer will inform you of options for compliance with their policy, or Techcube’s security surveyors can advise you during a site survey.

You will need a Unique Reference Number (URN) for monitoring and Techcube can apply for this on your behalf. The URN is used in the monitoring station and when the alarm sends them a signal, they give the URN to the Police and then they will go to the address. Without a URN, they will not visit the premises.

Alarm Brands

Techcube work with several brands of security alarm systems and these have been chosen because they fall into different grade categories, they are reliable and also have superior backup support for repairs and maintenance. Brands used include Honeywell, Texecom, Pyronics and Visonic.

Alarm Grading

Alarm systems are categorised into three grades: grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3, depending on the security level and reliability required. Techcube only supply and install grade 2 and grade 3.

Grade 1 – For example, a DIY kit, these are not insurance approved and there is no guarantee that they will go off or indeed send the signal to the monitoring station.
Grade 2 – Not high value, for example newsagents etc.
Grade 3 – High security – for businesses where value is high, for example, jewellers will need this grade for their insurance cover.


A Smartcom module can be described as an ‘intelligent communicator’ that connects your alarm to the internet and enables you to control the alarm from your mobile phone. Techcube can configure your phone for this to work. If alarm sensors with a built-in camera are used, when triggered, will send a short burst of video and upload to the cloud for you to review. With Smartcom, you can use the phone app to create ‘zones’, for example one for the office, one for the kitchen etc and when the alarm goes off you can use the app to detect the zone that is activated. It can be used to detect false alarms that sometimes happen. If there is movement in the premises, then there will be a change from zone to zone, so this would confirm a break in. This is a benefit of modern business alarms.


We offer intruder alarm maintenance for monitored systems twice annually, as required by law.

The engineer will check the battery voltage, check sensors are functioning properly and do a walk test – walk into each zone to ensure sensors are detecting movement. They will also set the alarm, exit the premises and walk back in to ensure the alarm goes off. Also, all equipment is cleaned. When the maintenance is completed the engineer will fill in your logbook, which is very important for insurance as this will be needed in the event of a claim.

Unmonitored wireless systems are serviced every two years and the battery is replaced at that point.

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