SSAIB Accredited CCTV and Alarm Installer

Techcube Limited are an SSAIB accredited company. SSAIB stands for Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board. SSAIB is a leading UK certification body for businesses providing security and alarm systems, and certification with SSAIB is a mark of excellence. SSAIB schemes are compliant with all police policies. Insurers often place specific demands on security providers and in the event of an incident, the insurer will require that all reasonable steps have been taken to mitigate risk. Our SSAIB accreditation may enable a discount on your insurance premium.

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Your Assurance

SSAIB states that as a certification body, its remit is to protect the interests of the consumer.

Techcube has demonstrated technical and managerial competence and our processes and procedures have been subject to an annual inspection. In short, we supply high quality equipment and install to SSAIB’s very strict standards. Our SSAIB membership covers us as CCTV installers and alarm installers.

Latest SSAIB Inspection

Our latest inspection was carried out on 11/03/2019.

In summary, the inspection found no non-conformity – 100% perfect and no mistakes found in installations or paperwork. The inspector noted several improvements, including explaining more thoroughly to customers about data protection principles and what you can and cannot do. Also, CCTV warning signage is now supplied with each installation. 

Our SSAIB inspections in 2018 and 2017 were also passed successfully.

Inspect Premises and Staff

  • Check paperwork.
  • Check our insurance.
  • Check customer information kept safe, assess customer files.
  • Check site surveys and installation plans.
  • Check that we issued a specification of products to be installed.
  • Check staff ID badges and cards.
  • Check all employees vetted and screened to British standards 7858:2012.
  • Check compliance to SSAIB standards, correct British and European standards


Site Inspection Visits

SSAIB visited two of our commercial customer installations from within 3 months.

Site visit inspection for intruder alarms systems:

  • Check all sensors installed correctly.
  • Check all cabling correct.
  • Check that the system works correctly.
  • Check bells working.
  • Check that the customer’s mobile phone is alerted when alarm is triggered.
  • Check inside premises that alarm goes off.
  • Check alarm monitoring centre alerted.
  • Check that alarm system alerts the customer if tampering has occurred, e.g. hardware removed.
  • Tested on wired and wireless alarm systems.


Site visit inspection for CCTV systems:

  • Check cameras installed correctly.
  • Compare system design proposal completed by Techcube with the actual installation in the premises, i.e. check it matches the proposal.
  • Login to DVR (Digital Video Recorder), assess number of days recording, compared to that stated in the system design proposal, e.g. 30 days.
  • Check recording quality, e.g. 15 frames per second and check matches design proposal.


If SSAIB discover faults or non-compliance with the CCTV or alarm system installation, then they inform us. Techcube scored 100% and no faults were identified.

The SSAIB Inspector said he was very happy with the way documents were handled, and with the processes and documents for enquiries and after-sales. He said the manner in which the customer file is handled is one of the best he has seen.

SSAIB Inspection Final Conclusion – Text Taken from the Inspector’s Audit Document

This Audit was undertaken using the SSAIB Security Systems Audit Checklists and the Audit Programme as agreed in the appointment letter.

The Inspection carried out was a limited inspection, which included audits of recently installed CCTV and Intruder Systems, selected areas were sampled as per the audit requirements, not every aspect of the installation has necessarily been checked. Hence where no deviations have been reported it does not follow that none exist. 

None of the firm’s clients visited expressed any dissatisfaction with either the system or service provided. 

All staff and Management continue to demonstrate their commitment to the certification process and compliance with the standards, from the Intruder and CCTV systems seen today the company have been seen to be complying with the SSAIB Security Scheme requirements for the scopes of certification and are working to a high standard, with all staff having a great understanding of the standards and the industry requirements and for this reason continued certification is recommended.

Why Choose an SSAIB Accredited Company for your CCTV or Alarm System Installation?

For more information about the benefits of choosing an SSAIB accredited company, please click here to visit the SSAIB site.